A B O U T  T H E  A R T I S T



Expressionist artist Kay Klein works in acrylics, mixed media and encaustics, often using her own block prints and carving techniques for a unique presentation of subject.  Klein’s work is characterized by strong design and vibrant color, beckoning the viewer to consider unusual possibilities.  Her work stretches our imaginations.

Striving to create art that allows us to both smile and think; her work is profoundly whimsical while offering stark commentary on our human frailties and foibles.  Like the blueprint for a building, Klein’s Pattern Series reveals the very process of artistic creation.  Vintage dress patterns become an animal mutiny on the high seas (Sheep Mutiny) or an unexpected creature strolling in the city (Buffalo in Central Park).  In Klein’s Donkey Series, a little donkey is a steadfast presence, offering reassurance and reflecting vulnerability.  In this way, Donkey becomes ‘Everyman’ as he struggles to apprehend his environment, accepts present circumstances and questions his role in the grand scheme of life.   Crow Series, on the other hand, shows Crow dominating the landscape; something we all try to do, in the face of disaster.  Paper Doll Series speaks of our search for identity: how we are created and the choices we make to define ourselves.

Originally from Oklahoma, Kay now lives in Seattle where she has been a psychotherapist for 25 years.   She holds B.F.A. and M.S. degrees and currently studies painting at The Pratt School of Art.  Dividing her time between her private practice and home studio, she is currently working on a new series of paintings featuring animal-controlled instruments.

Kay Klein   206-235-5058