Photo by Madeline Klein


Kay comments on her work
My paintings reflect my internal environment. My inner Prairie, if you will. Having grown up on the plains I am imprinted with wide expanses. This spatial sense directs my work in a very specific way. I often see, and therefore represent, many of my subjects from above. I seem to have a ‘Dust Bowl’ mentality in my veins and have used the subject of a forlorn Donkey to express this worldview. He seems to say, just by posture, that “things could always be worse”, “life goes on”, “that’s how it is so don’t let it get you down”. Donkey is decidedly not defeated, rather he thrives by his ability to accept reality.

Believing that we both thrive and survive by using our imaginations, I create images that invite the viewer to consider absurd possibilities. Isn’t that the beginning of dreams? What if …. Why not? Upon viewing my work, I hope people will smile but I also hope they will be urged to consider some new possibility in themselves.